Business Consulting

Our Experience

Our experience ranges from working with individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives.  Regardless of the size or structure of your business, we can help in many different areas of your work including:

  • Information Management (paper and electronic)
  • Legal Project Management
  • Time Management and Task Management
  • Workflow
  • Procedural Writing
  • Space Management and Filing Systems
  • Inter-Team Communication and Coordination

productivityOur Process

We work with you, one-on-one, to focus on your personal challenges and individual or team goals. Many organizational challenges are the same, across industries and functions, but even if your need is unique, we can help.

We are connected to a global network of tools, techniques and professionals that we can utilize to meet any organizational challenge.

Our Mission

Many of our clients have outgrown their manual processes or are missing structure in certain aspects of their business.  We help by identifying the holes in the workflow, and helping to fill them. We do this not just by transforming your physical space, but also changing your mindset and behaviors so you can maintain success.

Our mission is to make impactful, sustainable change that directly and favorably affects your bottom line.  Our goal is to promote both the physical and the mental change needed to achieve long term success, work-life balance and overall job satisfaction.


We recently helped the managing partner of a large law firm significantly increase his billable hours. He is now billing 2.5 additional hours every day. The best part….he has sustained it for over a year.  In addition, with the help of CTC Productivity he has successfully implemented a “culture of productivity”  across the organization. His firm is now the largest workers compensation law firm in Minnesota.  What could you achieve with the right advice and guidance?

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