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We work with individual professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, family-owned businesses and departments within large corporations. From CEOs to solopreneurs, across many industries, we’ve helped our clients achieve greater productivity and peace of mind.

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Our business clients have said they are impressed with our strong analytical and project management skills; our ability to work successfully both at the executive and line level and how our approach of adding a level of accountability with goal setting and tracking achievements ensures long term success. Our goal is to help individuals make changes that will have a positive impact on the bottom line and improve job satisfaction. Here’s what our clients say about the way our services have impacted their professional and personal lives.



“Have you ever met someone who impressed you as really having their act together? Jan Lehman is one of those individuals, and she’s created CTC Productivity and Can the Clutter to help others to do the same. I’ve known Jan to be very organized, and very strategic with her ability to prioritize tasks and to get things done. Jan combines these abilities with superb interpersonal skills…..as a result you don’t feel guilty about finally getting to the things you’ve been putting off. If you need help getting organized in this very busy world, call Jan.”

Michael Coulbourne, Owner Agent at Coulbourne Insurance and Financial Services

“Working with Jan to clear out and reorganize my home business office was like magic! Clearing the old brings in the new and in this case not only do I and my surroundings feel lighter but my own business has grown.

I was overwhelmed with old paperwork and belongings that needed to be sorted through, organized, recycled, shredded or thrown out. Hiring Jan made the work of decluttering and reorganizing fun and very productive. When I got stalled she knew what to do to help me. I was able to work along with her and being involved helped me develop skills for continuing the process we have set up.

She is a great teacher and organizer, very personable, nonjudgmental and trustworthy. I had her come several different times over the course of the past 6 months. It has been well worth the time, effort and cost. Working with Jan is a real pleasure and I would give her a five star recommendation. Thanks again Jan!”

Diane, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Jan Lehman makes a HUGE difference for office organization and workflow. She just left my office, and already I feel such relief. My piles of paper will soon have a manageable place, and I can trust nothing will be missed with designated priorities with daily, weekly and monthly purpose! I can’t wait to have Jan come back. She’s brilliant, and at the same time easy to work with. After I apply all she has taught me today, I want her to come back and teach me more.

It’s so much more than organization…her work increases my productivity and peace of mind! Her system helps me remember what I need to, and set aside (with confidence) things that can wait until tomorrow. The trick … just allow Jan to see the mess … she’ll have a solution!”

Judy, Author/Public Speaker


I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring order back into my life. Your expertise and organization with my clutter has given me a fresh start in the new year! Your advice is invaluable and will help me not only with my paperwork, but also with my busy work and family schedules. I just wanted to let you know how great it feels to once again be organized and have a system in place that allows me to stay on top of things!

God bless you!”

Mecca, Dental

“Jan presented a workshop for our Soroptimist district meeting. Participants were impressed with her ability to relate to the person, not just look at the clutter. Even if a person were already well organized, Jan presented ideas to the group that they could take back to the office and use immediately.”

Carene Davis-Stitt, Management Consultant, Mediator and Facilitator

“Jan was extremely valuable to my company. She helped us streamline our processes & helped me organize my busy day. I am now able to prioritize more quickly and accomplish more in less time thanks to Jan’s great ideas.”

Judy Van Valkenberg, Owner, Salem & Eugene Oregon Wedding Showcase 

“Our company, River Road Health Mart Pharmacy, has known Jan Lehman for several years through networking and local gatherings. Jan is actively involved in the community and always very professional. We used the services of Jan Lehman to help with the organizing of our Corporate On-Site Flu Shot Clinics filing/scheduling system. Jan came in and did an initial consultation that helped us identify any weak points, our strengths and what type of system would work for our unique environment. Jan helped us to fully utilize our limited space and created a portable and versatile system. She also helped us map out our work procedures so that if there was a need for someone to fill in, we would have a systematic back-up-plan.

We were very pleased with the innovative ideas and creative ways Jan used our space to better accommodate our needs. She quickly put together all the items and paperwork we needed.

Jan “thinks outside the box” and we will definitely be using her again for future projects!”

Tabitha Sandoval, Creative Project Coordinator

“My office contained an ad hoc assortment of work documents and personal items. Jan was hired to help me create an organizational system for my files and documents and to organize my office so it was more professional.

Jan taught me some very clear guidelines for organizing things. She sat with me for several sessions to train me how to apply those guidelines. Her orientation about organization was very refreshing.  After the second session she told me that it was clear that I had the cognitive understanding to organize things effectively. But that her job was not only to refine that understanding to include the entire range of things I needed to organize, but also to get sufficient practice applying that understanding for it to become automatic.

Unlike most organizing consultants, who give you some rationale and an overview of a system, her orientation leads to real and positive behavioral changes. Before my work with Jan was finished, many of our staff noticed how much more efficient and pleasant I had become as a result of Jan’s work. Subsequently, Jan was hired to organize files and documents throughout our company, advise us on version control and organize several rooms.  She was also hired to create an organizational system for the data our company collects from our research sites.  Since Jan was already transforming our entire company, we also consulted with her about re/structuring new and existing positions in our company.

Jan has instilled in me and in my entire staff organizational tools that make us confident and enthusiastic (most of the time) for the work that we do.  Jan blends technical expertise in organization, human resources and business with clear communication, patience and persistence to facilitate improvements that are as pain-free and stress-free as possible.”

Owen Engelmann, Vice President, EngelmannBecker Corp

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